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Place Type : Locality, City, Region, Landmark & Historical Place
Address : Yellowknife, Northwest Territories
Coordinate : 64.4811786327, -110.286763003
Phone : 1-867-669-6500
Rating : 4.50
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Diavik Diamond Mine
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The Diavik Diamond Mine is a diamond mine in the North Slave Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada, about 300km northeast of Yellowknife. It has become an important part of the regional economy, employing 1, 000, and producing approximately 7 million carats (1, 400kg) of diamonds annually. The area was surveyed in 1992 and construction began in 2001, with production commencing in January 2003. It is connected to points south by an ice road and Diavik Airport with a 5235ft gravel runway regularly accommodating Boeing 737 jet aircraft. Diavik Diamond Mine is an industrial complex set in a remote, sub-Arctic landscape. In the 2013 satellite image below, one can see the two main open pits, waste rock pile, and an airstrip capable of landing aircraft as large as 737s and C-130s. The complex also houses processing, power and boiler plants, fuel tanks, water and sewage processing facilities, maintenance shop, administrative buildings, and accommodations for workers. The mine is owned by a joint venture between the Rio Tinto Group (60% ) and Dominion Diamond Corporation (40% ), and is operated by Yellowknife-based Diavik Diamond Mines Inc. , a subsidiary of Rio Tinto Group. The lifespan of the mine is expected to be 16 to 22 years. Commercial production commenced in 2003.

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