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Place Type : Veterinary Care
Address : 99 Henderson Ave, Thornhill, ON L3T 2K9, Canada
Coordinate : 43.807452, -79.408783
Phone : +1 905-881-2922
Email :
Rating : 4.60
Website :
Opening Hours :
Monday: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Sunday: Closed
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About The Business:

Doncaster Animal Clinic is a full-service animal hospital in Thornhill, ON. We have been offering quality pet care to the residents of Markham, Vaughn, Richmond Hill and North York since 1976.


Over the last 40 + years we have grown into a three veterinarian practice specializing in dogs and cats. Our entire team strives to offer a friendly, fear free, environment for both you and your pets. Come and visit us today, where quality care and excellent client service go paw in hand!


Aret Mazmanyan (23/03/2019 03:08)
I've been bringing Pepper to John Street Animal Hospital and then to Doncaster Animal Clinic once the former closed down. Suffice it to say I wouldn't trust Pepper with anyone else but this team of wonderful, marvelous individuals. They exemplify what it means to be caring, kind, and is exactly what a veterinary team should consist of. I had to put my 18 year old chihuahua, Pepper, down three weeks ago and they were very supportive and kind throughout the process. Thank you for all the years of taking care of Pepper. ❤️

Mitch Saifert (09/02/2019 21:23)
I've been going to this clinic with multiple pets for many years.. The available hours are great.. The staff and doctors truly care and are all involved in your pets well being

Charlene Denis (25/09/2018 23:16)
Great experience at this clinic. Staff are very knowledgeable, caring and empathetic. Our boxer puppy loves coming here and always excited to see the staff. We live an hour away from the clinic. We make the effort to come here for all of Missy's needs.
Thanks to all of the staff!

Amanda Booker (25/09/2018 08:21)
Fantastic animal clinic! My poor cat had a little hole in her side, I was freaking out they calmed me down told me everything will be okay and all it took was stitches. They cleaned her up and she was good to go. I was shocked they are very good, kind and friendly. My cat usually hates going to the vets and she had no issues. First time at this vets and highly recommend them. Will def be going back. Great and friendly staff as well as prices are very comparable to other vets in the area.

Shaindy David (21/09/2018 02:25)
I am so incredibly lucky to have found this clinic! My fur baby was vomiting profusely and coughing up blood when I called to schedule an appointment. They were fully booked but still made time to see me within an hour of my call. I was over a half hour late for my appointment and still couldn’t get my cat into her carrier, the staff were patient, supportive and tried guiding me over the phone to coax her in.

When I arrived we were seen almost immediately, even though we were encroaching on another appointment slot. Dr. Day was so compassionate and so kind to my fur baby, and even though she was in pain, my kitty seemed fully at ease during her exam. Dr. Day even made my cat a little fort using a towel so she could rest and was comfortable as we spoke. Dr. Day explained our options patiently and did not make me feel judged when I was concerned about my ability to pay for the recommended treatment. She worked with me to develop a treatment plan that would help my fur baby and meet my budget. Dr. Day explained and prioritized my cat’s treatment needs and provided me with emotional support I’ve never seen in any other vetiranary practice. Dr. Day had even personally brought me water and cookies as I was feeling unwell.

After leaving the office I received countless follow up calls as my kitty’s condition continued to deteriorate. Dr. Day and her colleague continued working with us and prescribed the right medications that allowed my cat made a full recovery!

I would like to thank all the staff at reception, technicians, and veterinarians who worked tirelessly to get my fur baby back to herself again. I didn’t think she would pull through, but you believed in her and wouldn’t give up hope. Thank you for the many lengthy telephone consults, encouragement and guidance that made her recovery possible. I would recommend this clinic to anyone and everyone who wants quality care for their pets and guardians alike :)

Ruth Reimer (15/11/2017 00:09)
Dr. Day and staff were patient and caring! I have been to many vets over the years for our multiple pets and this clinic stands far above the others. My experience was amazing. I immediately felt at home and that I was good hands.

Elham Mahootchi (08/11/2017 23:53)
Took my cat over there. Amazing people, friendly staff and super kind to your pet. I loved the artworks on the wall!

Andrea Fisher (19/09/2017 00:10)
Dr. Day is so wonderful! We have been visiting the clinic for over 5 years with our dog and have always received a warm and friendly reception from all the staff. Our dog has always been happy, and we feel confident in the information, choices and care being provided. We are out of the area and travel the distance to visit Dr. Day. Highly recommend this clinic!

Sara Jane (07/06/2017 22:45)
Amazing service! We made the hard choice to leave our vet that we've been going to for years and I am 100% happy with our choice. They took the time to go over costs with me as having two dogs can cost a lot.
They were so nice and loving towards Marley and Cali, it's the calmest they've ever been at a vet visit. I 100% recommend bringing your pets to Doncaster Animal Clinic.

Nicole Wainberg (02/06/2017 07:18)
Dr Day has gone above and beyond the call of duty for me when my dog Wicket had her spay. She was truly there for me when I was completely worried, like a parent of a sick/hurting child. She gave me assurance that made me feel like I was her only concern, regardless of the other families that she has under her care! A quality like these, from a medical professional who comes with a personal touch is more than anyone can ask for. Doncaster Animal clinic is outstanding with professionalism and consistent wonderful customer care. In addition, not just for me, my Wicket never feels scared when we come to visit. She wags her tail at the sight of all the staff when we walk in the door! That's HUGE for any pet owner!

I had always gone to Doncaster Animal Clinic with every dog I have had in my family. I feel that Dr Day has brought so much to her practice. I wouldn't bring my pet anywhere else, especially now that Doncaster has Dr Danielle Day!

Denise Ortiz (23/11/2016 23:28)
I recently had to put my baby down.. Probably the hardest and most devastating thing I have ever done in my life. My dog was 16 years old and began so show her age from one month or the next.
I called different vets around because I didn't like her original vet.
As soon as I called here, they were extremely sensitive and super nice towards my feelings (I called crying my eyes out). The girls at the front were extremely nice! They went above and beyond for me as soon as I got there with my dog in my arms... They immediately put us in a room and we filled out paper work there.
The doctor.... there are no words to describe how incredibly nice, sweet, understanding she was. She took their time with me, held my dog with such love! Wrapped her in a nice blanket, talked to her and held her with such care. She said such sweet, encouraging things to my husband and I. I had been a mess for days! The thought of me putting down my baby was devastating.. However, she made the entire process for me, my husband and my dog a bearable experience.
I couldn't be more thankful for their kind words, encouragement and overall nice gestures this entire vet had with me and my family.

P.S. Not that money was an issue- But this was also the cheapest price.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Love: Boris, Gillian and DIESEL Ortiz

Chau Tran (29/04/2016 18:35)
I've been to many vet clinics and have had many examinations. This is the first time that my questions were thoroughly answered. Dr. C was extremely detailed throughout our visit. Half the things I thought I knew, were totally incorrect. Im so glad he was able to provide insight on things that I've been doing wrong (going by what other vets told me). He was gentle and very caring for our puppy. Didn't push us to do unnecessary procedures like my other vet clinics. Very genuine person. We will definitely become long term clients.

Kathleen Corey (01/09/2015 22:01)
"I have been bring my rescue dog Casey to Dr. Ryder for years and moved with her to Doncaster Animal Clinic when she started there this spring. Casey suffers from bad allergies and arthritis and Dr. Ryder has really helped us with his comfort level. My parents also have a cat named Skittles that they were going to put down because she was peeing around the house but Dr. Ryder figured out that she had diabetes. She really worked with us to figure out a treatment that was simple enough for my parents could handle with minimal effort- Skittle lived an extra 3 years! It seems like the clinic has been going through a transition in the last year with new staff but I have always have a great experience when I go in with Casey. Dr. Ryder is amazing I recommend her to anyone- she never pressures you to do any unnecessary tests and works within your financial constraints."

Negar Mokhtarnia (18/06/2013 02:41)
This clinic is only after making MONEY and DO NOT care about the pets!!! I strongly discourage leaving your beloved pets in their care. I definitely regret doing that after my experience with them.

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