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Place Type : Hardware Store, Furniture Store, Home Goods Store, Store
Address : 1722 Preston Ave N, Saskatoon, SK S7N 4Y1, Canada
Coordinate : 52.1503374, -106.6168159
Phone : +1 306-933-1903
Rating : 3.30
Website : en/ store/ 63650
Opening Hours :
Monday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 6:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM
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Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA Home & Garden RONA


Steven Mack (30/11/2017 20:24)
I saw a great sale on Bosch table saw, and attempted to make an online purchase however the transaction completed in error multiple times with charges to my bank which I had to dispute. After attempting to get a hold of someone at store trying to explain my situation, no one was willing to help--as the store can't match it's online promotion. This experience caused me so much frustration, I bought what I wanted on Amazon instead.

I would rather shop at Home Depot where I find the staff to be more knowledgeable and generally more willing to assist customers.

Dave Rempel (20/10/2017 04:53)
good store. decent prices and helpful staff.

Soukseum Daongam (08/10/2017 03:01)
Spacious and easy to find help. Like Home Depot but with better service.

David Craven (11/09/2017 06:49)
I went to the store to get some flooring for my house. One of the workers offered to get a cart and help with the flooring I needed on a shelf that I couldn't reach. He told me walk around the store and he would get it done. I saw him walking back to the flooring and then disappeared. I waited around 10 minutes then asked another employee at the store for help where he proceeded to tell me the original person helping me had gone for lunch. I was upset and let the manager know. Had good service there except for the one employee.

Phil Campagna (07/08/2017 06:36)
Each time I go, the experience gets worse. As overstaffed as they are, good luck finding anyone willing or able to help in any way. The yellow-shirted staff are invariably all jammed into the checkout areas at the front, socializing and looking bored out of their looks like two desperate rafts of rubber ducks in an otherwise empty ocean. Any inquiry is met with a shrug and a "If you didn't see it, then we haven't got it", no matter if the website says they have hundreds in stock. (Unlike most other stores, Rona's website does not map their products to aisles.) You can either search for yourself...or go one better and shop somewhere else.

Linda Harper (06/07/2017 01:51)
I much prefer Rona to Lowe's. (Sorry Karen K. Rona is not a Canadian
company anymore. They were bought out by Lowe's about three months
ago.) Even though Rona is now owned by Lowe's, Rona staff are much
more helpful and knowledgeable.

Sherri Michel (13/06/2017 01:28)
Found all staff to be helpful and friendly. Dan in plumbing was very patient and knowledgeable.

t s (12/06/2017 07:05)
Staff are not friendly, we did meet one staff member that was though. The prices are high compared to competition. They redid the store design likely to compete with Lowes who just moved into the city, the new design is cleaner. The selection of products is poor which also does not help compared to the competition.

Karen Kinar (06/06/2017 12:09)
Canadian company !!!!The prices are a bit higher so watch the flyers, they always have good sales. Popcorn to keep the kids busy. Good selection, you will have to seek out help if you need it but they have answers and smiles. A little disappointed b/c as a female I still buy lumber and hardware but I am often overlooked if I am in the "wrong" department.

Robert Leonardo (23/03/2017 12:48)
So much better than HD. Way more decore and build choices, better layout and motivated staff. Cleaner too.

Rhonda O (17/03/2017 10:35)
I had a question about a plumbing part and the employee raised his voice and snapped at me.
Ignorant old man!!! Go home if you don't like your job!!!

Tiffany Singer (14/03/2017 23:02)
Management is fantastic to deal with, floor staff actually new there departments which was also nice for a change. I'd absolutely recommend Rona over its competitors for customer satisfaction

Carma Daria Companiona (03/02/2017 01:58)
Once you can find someone, the service is usually great and knowledgeable. Prices and selection are okay. Lots of weekly specials and deals.

Warren Johnson (24/11/2016 07:35)
Last week I posted that this store was out of light bulbs. Yesterday I called the store, still no bulbs. The man I talked to yesterday said if I came to the store today I could get a rain check. I came today and the manager "Brad" refused to issue any "rain cheque".
Thanks Rona and Brad for waisting me time.
Light bulbs on sale, went in with today's flyer. The bulbs I want have been sold out for more than 2 weeks. Why advertise something that has been sold out for more that 2 weeks?

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