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Place Type : Department Store, Store
Address : 1305 Lawrence Ave W, North York, ON M6L 1A5, Canada
Coordinate : 43.7086886, -79.4736235
Phone : +1 416-244-1171
Rating : 3.60
Website : en/ north-york-store/ 3105
Opening Hours :
Monday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Tuesday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Wednesday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday: 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
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Walmart Toronto North York Store


Wolston Lobo (22/11/2017 05:49)
1. Nice store and it is pretty well organized
2. They have a variety of things out here from electronics to clothes to food.
3. Conveniently located.
Besides the long lines, I could not find anything wrong here. But long lines isn't really their fault and they even have self-checkout.

Overall, it was a good experience.

Linda Matthews (16/11/2017 05:54)
It's a regular Wal-Mart store; what you see is what you get. As with shopping anywhere, you need to be aware of prices so you can shop and compare knowledgeablly. I only went here for a couple of items, but when I entered the checkout line for 12 items or less, the line-up was long and slow with only 2 cashiers on duty. I went through the self-checkout instead and was through in a matter of minutes.

Dillon Perkin (23/10/2017 00:27)
Like any place, some of the employees care, others couldn't give you the time of day...

Not the most organized place, but not the worst either... Looks like they have a lot of over stock in some items and sizes and none in others. Might be a task and a half to find what you want

Leo Monaco (12/10/2017 19:52)
Best Walmart store in the area. Great location and convenient hours. Usually has most items in stock u like several other Walmart's in the area. This location does have self check-out and a McDonald's. It is located across the street from the LCBO so good if your buying items for a party quick ;)

Ed Burgos (04/09/2017 22:47)
I was happy to see they finally put in the self checkouts. I go here on a regular basis everything is always reasonably clean and organized. Stock is always available and the stuff and very helpful. Even the washrooms are surprisingly clean for Walmart. My only complaint is the huge lineups at the checkout regardless of time of day. Hopefully the self checkouts alleviate this somewhat.

F Joseph (01/06/2017 10:45)
This evening, at the checkout the cashier asked if I wanted to make a donation for Sick Kids and I said, "No, thanks". She said if you donate this much the total amount will become an even number. I said, "No, thanks." She turned to my wife and said, "He is a big man, eh? He doesn't need to donate to Sick Kids!" Then again, she said, "He is a big man!" We didn't say anything.

Both my wife and I thought her comments were very rude, unprofessional, and made us extremely uncomfortable. She did apologise afterwards saying it had been a long day.

I think management needs to review their policy of how the cashiers approach asking for donations and if they are pushing the cashiers to meet a donation quota.

Gio Drakes (29/05/2017 08:00)
Walmart stores are pretty much the same. Except that this location doesn't sell meat? Seriously??? There are cold cuts. But that's not really meat.

Brandon Talbot (20/05/2017 08:08)
I was carrying around a car seat trying to find a cart, had to go back to the parking lot to find a stray one. Then was going to get my other one something to eat at the McDonald's that had a long line and no carts allowed (so I'd have to watch him, and hold the car seat while waiting in a long line), nope. There were a few other tiny annoyances but if you are going to have employees standing around, better ensure there is a cart or two kicking around.

Crystal Monaco (09/05/2017 11:40)
LARGE SELECTIONS. STAFF IS HARD TO LOCATE. WASHROOMS NOT CLEANED OFTEN ENOUGH. THE ELECTRIC CART FOR INVALIDS ARE NEVER CHARGED. THE SECURITY STAFF ARE RIGHT NEXT TO THEM. ONE WOULD THINK THEY WOULD PLUG THEM IN. The fruit ( oranges and Vegetables )we're rotten took pictures. The garden section the flowers were almost dead for lack of watering, except for exotic plants that were OVER watered and dripping over customer trying to choose one. I was left stranded when SCOOTER needed to be plugged in. Scooter wasn't​ plugged in when I arrived and traveled Approx. 15 feet. When I left store SCOOTER STILL WAS NIT PLUGGED IN. Security said "it wasn't her job and wasn't paid enough. The customer should do it. Don't like it don't come back." and walked away.

Marc Bishop (07/03/2017 22:59)
Stopping late one night to get some last minute groceries at the Walmart was a quick decision as we drove by one night. We were able to find everything we were looking for and the customer help was perfect . Our teller was inviting and super friendly and she made the whole experience worthwhile.we were still talking about the service days later and that is rare. Thanks to that teller for making us smile as we left that nite. The whole experience was worth while. Thanks Walmart for the good prices and great customer service. Marc bishop

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